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Browsing with IE7

Friday, 27th October 2006 8:38pm
For the past few days I have been trying out IE7 and I should say that its far much better than IE6 and it also comes in line with other browers like Firefox and Opera.

I use an IE browser mostly for checking how a website looks like when browsing with IE as the majority of my users still use IE. I was impressed from the brief testing that I carried out that it looks like IE7 is more compliant to CSS as some pages that didn't look right with IE6 now look perfectly alright in IE7 as they do in both Opera and Firefox.

Unfortunately IE7 is not available for Microsoft operating systems earlier than XP SP2 and therefore users who use Windows 2000 will still have to make do with IE6 unless they opt for another browser like Opera or Firefox. XP SP1 users also won't have access to IE7 but I don't see any reason why one would be stuck with XP SP1 when they can freely upgrade to SP2.

For those users with Windows 2000, a developer would need to have Windows 2000 installed preferably in a virtual environment to check the user experience for IE6. I won't be going that path as I will just check with IE7 unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

RSS handling and tabbing are some good features of IE7 as well as increased security which includes the anti-phishing checker.

From the few pages that I printed I also realised that IE7 handled the printing better than IE6 used to do.

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