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Monitoring PC temperatures

Thursday, 15th March 2007 9:59pm
For a little while now I have been monitoring the temperature inside my PC using a simple utility called SpeedFan.

I decided to start monitoring the temperatures inside my PC one day when I heard some unusual noise from the fan and I just thought that it was good to have an idea of what is happening rather than for the PC to just stop functioning or start giving problems and I saw that SpeedFan could easily do the job for me.

Basically what SpeedFan does is monitor the data collected by the system and then make it available for the user to peruse and take action if necessary. The action I took last time was to simply clean out the dust and since then everything seems to be fine.

I also quite like the fact with SpeedFan I am able to run my PC as quietly as possible and depending on your computer hardware you can also change the fan speed which is a handy function.

It would be interested to hear what other similar applications others use to achieve the same thing.

brent wrote on Friday, 20th April 2007 11:39am
I also wanted to monitor the CPU temperature but what I did is that I bought a case with an LCD panel that shows the temperatures. The advantage of that is you can see the temperatures all the time and also the case wasn't all that expensive.

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