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OpenOffice Writer Thesaurus

Monday, 27th March 2006 5:34am
Recently I decided to use OpenOffice 2.0 as my default office suite for all my word processing and spreadsheets requirements. All has been well until now I just have a small glitch that I have to resolve. Under the Tools/Language menu in the Writer application the 'Thesaurus' option is disabled and I can't seem to find how to enable it. I will have another look again at all the options available and if I can't find anything then maybe I will have to uninstall the application and then install it again carefully noting all the options that I use.

Its not often that I use the Thesaurus menu but there are times when I just have to use it and if its unavailable its a bit annoying.

Ron wrote on Monday, 8th May 2006 1:01pm
If you haven't already worked it out, this might help. Cheers, r

Wes wrote on Monday, 8th May 2006 2:23pm
Many thanks, Ron. I had not found the solution yet. I have just had a quick look at the link and it looks like that's the solution.

Wes wrote on Wednesday, 10th May 2006 3:31pm
Update, the Thesaurus is now functional. I downloaded the thesaurus from the 8daysaweek site as suggested by Ron. Thanks.

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