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Charting and graphing with Php

Sunday, 4th May 2008 12:23am
Recently I have been looking at charting and graphing for Php especially focusing on the free solutions.

I think the simplest solution is with Libchart. Libchart offers the opportunity to do simple line and bar graphs and also pie charts.

Its good to see that the library is constantly being updated and the latest changes have been to fully support PHP 5.

Another package I had a quick look at is Image_Graph. Image_Graph has more graphs but I think its more suitable for those people who already use PEAR or who are prepared to install the PEAR package.

PHPGraphLib is another easy to use, PHP-based graphing library and it can display up to three datasets on each graph.

Another free graphing solution is Graidle . Here the charts are generated using PHP 4.

According to its website, PHP Graph creates a simple dynamic Php bar graph from session data and that graph can be customised.

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