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Taking care of orphaned libraries

Sunday, 15th October 2006 9:09am
Its been sometime now since I installed Ubuntu and after a number of software installations and un-installations, there are a number of orphaned libraries that are left behind that need to be cleaned up. The idea is just to free up some space that I can use it for other purposes and this is more or less like the registry clean-up in Windows.

I used Orphaner to select and then remove the orphaned packages. I think its a good idea to click Simulate first before clicking OK after selecting the libraries set for removal. Simulate will let Orphaner test the removal of the packages selected and will notify you if there are any issues. I didn't get an error myself so I don't know how the error message would look like.

If you have the gstreamer libraries listed in the list don't select them for removal. gstreamer libraries may be listed as orphaned but don't remove them because they are used by multimedia Gnome applications and that may cause problems in the future. A more detailed coverage of package removal can be found on the Ubuntu forum.

Still on installations, I started my Ubuntu PHP development using the Bluefish IDE but I have since moved on to the Quanta Plus IDE as my main development environment. I installed Quanta Plus to see how it works and I have since been impressed by its handling of projects which I think is better that Bluefish's and also another plus is that you can collapse or expand sections of code like you would do in Microsoft Visual Studio.

I like this because on fairly large classes you can just make sure that all that you can see are the methods you are dealing with and then expanding others as you need them and then collapsing them again.

I haven't unistalled Bluefish as such because I still use it for writing quick test scripts.

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