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Moving around with your settings

Wednesday, 18th October 2006 6:17pm
When I bought my first USB flash drive, it was basically for storage of files and photos and mostly as a backup of my web files. Lately storage has sort of taken a back seat although I still use it for that but I now increasingly use my USB flash drive for running portable applications from

One of the most useful portable applications that I use is Firefox Portable. This helps me to use Firefox but will all my usual bookmarks and extensions irrespective of what PC I use. This is quite useful for me because my bookmarks contain most of the sites that help me with my work.

I think the second most important application would have to be Thunderbird Portable. Once in a while I use Mail2Web to access my e-mail but while you can read and sent e-mail quite alright you won't have access to your address book and this is where Thunderbird Portable comes handy.

The one portable application but I haven't tried yet but will be trying soon is XAMPP. This is an integrated server package of Apache, mySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin that will allow you to do your development from a USB flash drive and until I try it out I can't say any more.

Jim wrote on Friday, 20th October 2006 8:59pm
I know what you mean about bookmarks etc. I use Google Browser Sync to achieve the same result but I only use my own computers not other peoples. Your solution allows you access everywhere. Well done.

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