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Launching Applications on Windows startup

Tuesday, 31st October 2006 8:14pm
Last week a friend asked me how to make an application launch on booting Windows XP. Although I knew how to do that it took me a while just to remember how its done. Sometimes there is a need to launch applications like mail applications like Thunderbird and Outlook and browsers like Firefox and IE when you boot because you are more likely to do that anyway.
In that case the simple solution is to locate the Startup folder like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\userlogin\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

where userlogin is the user login and you can replace C with your particular drive.

In the Startup folder, you just paste the shortcut to the application you want launched and the easiest would be to get the shortcut from the desktop if you have the shortcut there.

Ron wrote on Saturday, 4th November 2006 1:49am
Speaking of startup, in the same breath there is the annoying situation where you find an application starts up with XP, but it's shortcut isn't in the startup folder. I use msconfig (START --> Run --> type 'msconfig' [Enter]) to get a good overview of system-level drivers, system tray apps and the various ini file configurations - all to assist with smoother start-up (you can't add a new start-up application there, but you can remove those annoying system tray apps that are unnecessary if any).

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