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Keeping download limit in check

Friday, 17th November 2006 1:01pm
My friend who is a Mac user e-mailed me to tell me about the widgets that help you keep track your monthly broadband usage from Phoenixonline.

Unfortunately I can't use them because they are for Mac OS X users only. Also please note these widgets are only for users in Australia.

I think they are quite useful if you don't have an unlimited broadband account with your provider but meanwhile I have to hunt for the Windows/Ubuntu ones if they are available somewhere.

John wrote on Tuesday, 2nd January 2007 9:46am
These widgets look good. It is a problem when you have a broadband account that is not unlimited. I need to monitor this as well, and the best I could find was an application called Bandwidth Monitor Pro. It is shareware, but looks good, and sits in the background. It is also configurable, so you can set it up for your particular time period in mind.

Wes wrote on Wednesday, 3rd January 2007 11:32am
Thanks for the comment, John. Actually I couldn't find which Bandwidth monitor you are referring to because I found out there is Bandwidth Monitor Pro and Bandwidth Monitor and both offer 30 day trial versions.

I would be interested to know which one exactly you are referring to and if you can supply the url that would be greatly appreciated.

If you have time try Bandwidth Vista. Its free and works on Windows XP and Vista only.

John wrote on Monday, 15th January 2007 9:22am
Oops! I meant to say Bandwidth Monitor Pro and it is not shareware but comes with a 30-day trial period. Still great though.

Nandakumar wrote on Tuesday, 10th August 2010 2:56pm
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