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Trying out Windows Safari

Thursday, 14th June 2007 1:47pm
Last night I downloaded Safari 3 public beta for Windows just to give it a try and see how it performs in Windows XP.

To me the best thing about Safari being available on Windows is that I no longer need to run around looking for a Mac to test how a new web application or site runs under Safari. Before I either had to completely ignore Safari which is not a very good idea or use a friend's Mac but now with this Windows version that's a step in the right direction.

Having said that, I will be sticking to Firefox and Safari will just be a test platform. Initial very quick tests showed no problems although I couldn't prove the claim that its very fast. This is only a beta version and there could be some errors here and there but so far so good.

dX Blogger wrote on Thursday, 21st June 2007 4:55pm
yeahh..I agree with's still in beta version and could be some bugs here and there..well I also write about them in my blog too..safari for Windows

Wes wrote on Saturday, 23rd June 2007 8:55am
Thanks for the comment, I have since been to your site to read about the discussion about Windows Safari, pretty interesting stuff,

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