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Goggles on mail

Sunday, 12th October 2008 7:55pm
Its interesting to see that Gmail launched a new feature this week called Mail Goggles.

The basic idea behind the feature is to make sure that people are in the right state of mind before sending an email at set times.

Its hard for me to tell whether its a good feature or not because I don't think I need such a feature but by Gmail adding the new feature it seems like they see a need for such a feature.

I wonder whether what will stop people sending the email is the mail contents or just the math problems that act as a filter.

The math problems I think are good but I am not sure how the difficulty is determined to actually say that this is the right level or not.

I am also wondering whether Yahoo! and Microsoft a similar feature in the near future. I actually don't use Gmail at the moment and I so I am unable to test this interesting new feature.

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