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File transfer using FileZilla

Thursday, 4th May 2006 2:18pm
I was asking a friend the other day about good and reliable FTP client software and he recommended FileZilla. FileZilla is an open source FTP client software and is available for download from SourceForge. Well, I have just been playing around with it and I have no complaints.

I have always tended to use my host's File Manager for file transfer and its alright as long as I am dealing with a few files. Unfortunately thats not always the case hence my need for good FTP client software. With FileZilla I can just copy entire folders from the local machine to the remote machine something I cant do with my host's File Manager.

You can also go ahead and rename the files and folders and perform whatever manipulation but what's exciting about it all is the speed of execution. Everything looks like its running on the local machine.

However, its a good idea to go on and make sure that the transferred files or folders have the desired permissions once they have been transferred. My test files 'lost' their permission settings after transferring and I had to reset the permissions. For example some of the files had just read only access but they ended up with read and write. Its an easy process to change file permissions though through FileZilla as this is handled quite neatly and as always its good practice to check that files and folders have permissions you intended in the first place whatever method you use for file transfer.

The C++ source code is also available for download should one want to look at the code.

I was also quite pleased with the fact that I just downloaded and installed FileZilla and it worked using the default settings. Obviously I will now start tinkering about and modify the settings to suit my particular needs.

ron wrote on Saturday, 6th May 2006 9:44pm
Hi, I've used SmartFTP for a long time now, and in it's latest release it's proved to be a solid choice.
Also, when doing web development, Dreamweavers remote-location-integration is very clever for effectively doing real-time updates to your website if you set it up right.
I think FileZilla will be fun due to the OpenSource nature... and ability to tweak/change things.

arnold wrote on Sunday, 7th May 2006 4:02am
I have been using gFTP for a long time now and its very good and you have got both command line and GUI interface.

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Wes wrote on Sunday, 7th May 2006 5:25pm
SmartFTP is probably one of the best of the commercially available FTP clients but its disappointing to see that SmartFTP still doesn't support SSH Ftp. Maybe later I will have a look at gFTP, thanks.