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Advanced Google search easy way

Sunday, 12th October 2008 9:49pm
There are times when I have to make some advanced Google searches and I often include some query terms in the search.

This narrows down my search and makes it quicker to get the information that I am looking for. It takes some time to get familiar to all the terms and how to use them in combination but but over the last few months I have found myself using Soople some times.

Soople provides an interface that makes it easy to make up the advanced Google queries and it also uses Google to do the search.

While the interface is a very busy one its quite a handy site once you get to know how is works.

Another site that does a similar thing is OnlyJust and I think its more useful if you want to search some Google search categories like blogs, images, code and so on.

SEM Management Agency wrote on Tuesday, 1st May 2012 8:01am
I've never heard of or used Soople before, I'm going to have to check it out! I'm a huge fan of using "search operators" when I need something specifically on Google. i.e. Search within a specific website (site:) Google allows you to specify that your search results must come from a given website. For example, the query [ iraq ] will return pages about Iraq but only from The simpler queries [ iraq ] or [ iraq New York Times ] will usually be just as good, though they might return results from other sites that mention the New York Times. You can also specify a whole class of sites, for example [ iraq ] will return results only from a .gov domain and [ iraq ] will return results only from Iraqi sites. Below are a few resources you can reference to learn more about search operators: - - This can also be done in Gmail as well: - Hope this helps, Darren

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